Relax Day!

No no, I do not mean that I have relaxed my hair today (this is not due for at least another 2 weeks).

Today is relax day because it is my birthday!!! Yes, I'm getting older :-(

Nothing special though as I am away from my family and working...I will probably do something with my other half over the weekend but to be honest, I am not more bothered than that this year lol

I know I did not post yesterday because the start of the week has been quite rough on me and I did not have time to prepare my post....I do apologise for this.

I will get back on schedule shortly, promise!


  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy it. Also I am looking forward to your relaxer day post!

    1. Thank you :-)
      Me too! Although I'm still not sure if I will relax in two weeks or if I try to stretch a bit more. My NG have been fine so far, which is very surprising! I will see how it goes...