Length/ends check - February 2013

I have not done a proper length check for a looong time. Even when I cut my hair last January (it was already just over a month ago), I did not take a proper picture of my back. So allow me to rectify that today.

Two weeks ago on my wash day, I blew dried and flat ironed my hair (I was just over 4 weeks post on the day I took those pictures).

And here is the result of the length/ends check:
click on image to enlarge

I am very happy with the overall state of my hair really. Since I did that big cut, my ends seem to still be fine: I have not found any split ends neither so far. Fingers crossed!!

My head does look like a Playmobil's one from the back but I do have some new growth and I did not straightened them completely lol

My hair has never been that nice, so I am going to stick to this regimen. I think (and hope!) I have found the right balance for now :-)

Don't you think?


  1. Wow your hair seems to be in great condition! You should be able to maintain that health with no problem!!

    1. I hope I will! Still 3 weeks to go before relaxer day. Althoug, I hope I'll be able to stretch a bit longer this time as my hair and scalp "feel" better :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you :-) I wish they could be like that every single day!

  3. wow, look at that shine. ur hair looks do healthy. great work.


  4. Thank you! I hope my hair will still look the same on the picture when it comes to shine and healthy ends for my next length check.
    I am planning on having another length check after my next relaxer in about 8-9 weeks. I think having on every 6 months or so might be beneficial for me and stop me from focusing so much on length ;-)