Protective style

This is one of the protective style I have been using this winter: my first lace front wig.
It is a synthetic one and it getting old now (although I've only used it over the last 2 months). I guess this is what you get for buying synthetic but the natural ones are out of my league...or my wallet lol

Anywho, this one was nice enough and I was very surprised with it. I mean, I have never really been comfortable wearing wigs due to the fact that I was scared it would look too fake, or someone wild pull on it. Or it would fly when too windy!

This one has enough combs (one on each side for the temples, and me at the back), and the lace part blends well with my forehead.
click on image to enlarge

I can't wear it very often and definitely not two days in a row because first, it gives me a headache, and second, I'm too scared the combs will damage my sides by pulling on them and breaking it.

But I try to wear it every now and then when the weather is very, very cold and dry.

What about you ladies? How often do you wear your wig?

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