Cheat sheet

The weather has been pretty miserable lately (it started snowing again this week!)
It has turned so cold that I am considering going out with my duvet from now on.

Earlier this week, I was bored with wearing a hat so decided to wear my wig again. My hair was getting a bit dry from the freezing cold so I remembered one thing I saw on YouTube video one day (I do not have a clue as to who she was, it was a while ago). This girl mentioned that she went out with her hat on, but that she had put a plastic cap on her bun under the hat in order to use the Green House Effect (GHE) at the same time.

I thought....."I could try that?! I need to deep condition my hair anyway and I will not have time to keep it overnight so...."

So yes! The next morning, I got ready, applied my DC, a plastic cap, my wig cap and my wig. I just hoped that no one would have the usual idea of touching my head so that we wouldn't hear the horrible noise of the plastic against my hair lol

In all, it was practical as all I had to do was to rinse it off when I came home at night.

I'm not sure i would do this again though as it does not DC the whole head: the sides stay uncovered due to the wig's combs. So basically, my baby hair, edges and back did not benefit from that: the product got removed by the wig.

Still something to keep in mind for those times when you can't DC properly :-)

How about you ladies? Are you all brave enough to go out while DC? I wonder now what I would find if I decided to pull on the wigs and hats of the ladies in the streets. Ha ha ha!

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