24 weeks!

This means that I am six months post now! I've done it! Half a year without a relaxer. 
Nothing new with my hair though. Two weeks ago I removed my Senegalese twists to have a proper wash. I've lost a lot of hair in the process: mix of shedding and broken ones :-( I have taken a picture which I need to post by the way lol
After the wash I did kinky twists again. Not that they are my favourites as you know but I was so tired that I was running out of time and had some Marley extensions left so...I used them. Of course, it had to be that week that they'd decided I needed to have my portrait done for work...if only I had known...
It's been two weeks now and it the extensions are making my scalp itchy a lot. I'm considering removing them, deep condition, probably try a heavy protein treatment at some point (oh dear Aphogee...) and maybe, just maybe relax (read here "attempt to texlax") my new growth. I'm still not sure about that as my hair is still fragile.
Anywho! I am six months post!!!!

Still stretching...

I am so excited and proud of myself right now. Yesterday marked the 20th week of my stretch. That's 5 months. Yes! 5 MONTHS!!
I haven't stretched for so long for....ever! I mean, I must have when I wasn't on my hair journey, without knowing it, but it is an achievement right now due to the fact that I am on a Hair Journey.
There is really not much happening when it comes to my hair at the moment to be honest though. I've been wearing braids for 3 weeks now and except washing and spraying my hair with conditioner, I have not been doing anything else to it. I've never denied the fact that I'm not the best at taking care of my hair when braided :-)

In any case, I'm still happy that I've lasts that long with a stretch, even if a few weeks of it have happened thanks to braids.
Hope your Hair Journeys are going well ladies!

Senegalese twists

15 weeks post (time flies when super busy!) and back to braids. I have missed my Senegalese twists. The weather is so hot and humid. This is the sensible thing to do with my hair right now!

This is officially my longest stretch ever. Yeaaaaaah!


A new button

Just a quick post to let you know (in case you hadn't noticed) that I have added a new button on my blog: an Instagram one. You can find it on the right handside, just above my "Grab Me" button.
I hate pictures of me (yes i do lol) but as I have been so busy lately, Instagram seems like a nice way to show my progress when I cannot post anything here...or until I can post more regularly again. Gosh I need a proper job! lol
Have a good day everyone :-)