Still stretching...

I am so excited and proud of myself right now. Yesterday marked the 20th week of my stretch. That's 5 months. Yes! 5 MONTHS!!
I haven't stretched for so long for....ever! I mean, I must have when I wasn't on my hair journey, without knowing it, but it is an achievement right now due to the fact that I am on a Hair Journey.
There is really not much happening when it comes to my hair at the moment to be honest though. I've been wearing braids for 3 weeks now and except washing and spraying my hair with conditioner, I have not been doing anything else to it. I've never denied the fact that I'm not the best at taking care of my hair when braided :-)

In any case, I'm still happy that I've lasts that long with a stretch, even if a few weeks of it have happened thanks to braids.
Hope your Hair Journeys are going well ladies!