Every little helps...

I guess only the British people reading this will understand today's blog title lol
I have promised myself to be more disciplined with my hair regimen this time in order not to ruin the sacrifice of the 15cm (...or 6 inches). I am happy to say that I have been consistent for exactly 30 days in a row. Yeaaah! And that includes daily scalp massages, moisturising and sealing every night, the satin scarf and everything else that you can read on my regimen page.
As I have sort of started fresh again with my new hair cut, I also wanted to put all the chances on my side in order to retain some length. But in order to retain some length, I need the hair to grow too!
I have started to take vitamins again on a daily basis to help my new growth to come out stronger...and a bit quicker if possible.
I am taking the following:
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Now you are asking me: "OK...you take those stuff, but what do they do?"
Biotin is also known under the name of vitamin B-7 and can be found in a lot of various foods such as eggs, avocado, cauliflower or yeast for example. Biotin helps our body to assimilate proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Studies have shown that Biotin helps in getting stronger nails and healthier skin. However, one of the great effect that biotin has on our body is that it increases the growth of our hair when taken on a daily basis.
MSM is a form of sulfur. It is known in the hair community to reduce the shedding of the hair. How? It increases the growing phase of your hair. Basically, it makes your hair stay longer on your head before it sheds, which gives it a chance to grow longer. I have taken MSM before but was not very consistent with it so I hope to see some effects this time. Apparently, it also gives you a nice skin :-)
The B-complex is just for my overall health really lol
One thing I find absolutely ridiculous though is the waste when it comes to packaging. I mean, look at the bottle for 100 tablets of Biotin! Couldn't they just put this in a tiny bottle?! It would be more practical to carry and store and better for the environment surely.
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I know Biotin has helped me in the past and I did see an increase in my new growth when I tried it a year ago so I thought: why not? I will see the progress at my next relaxer in March.
And you ladies? What supplements and vitamins do you take to help with your growth?

PS: I have, via my research, realised that probably my dosage of Biotin is lower than the one they normally advise on taking to see good results: I use the 300mcg ones and the dosage "recommended" is 1000mcg. I experienced more growth last time with the 300mcg and I was taking 4 pills a day. I will probably switch to the 1000mcg ones to make it easier to take though.


  1. Great post! I have been taking supplements for about a month now, including biotin (1000mcg). I have yet to track my progress, but I am excited to see your results!

    1. I hope I'll have some results to show lol they say you need to be consistent for at least a month to get results so you are on the right track!