My sides

Back in October, after having given it a good thought, I decided to change my relaxer: go from a No Lye, to a Lye one (I shall explain the reasons in another post, as this is not the point here).
Anyway, I relaxed my hair with this Lye relaxer and until today, I am not sure if it is due to that or not, but I noticed a few days later (don't ask me why I didn't notice it on the day!) that my edges were broken. Like PROPERLY broken!

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Like I said, I am not sure if it is due to the relaxer or if my hair was damaged and simply not ready for a relaxer. Or if it broke afterwards, which could explain why I didn't notice it straight away.
I am not hugely upset about it now as I view it as a set back and my sides are fuller than they were at the beginning (I had those "clear" temples due to the years spent braiding my hair with extensions). I have to thank Castor Oil for that!
This is another goal for this year: grow my sides back.
This list is getting long! :-)
Anyone had their sides broken before? How did you grow them back?

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