I have returned

I do apologise for not posting for a little while but the Flu got hold of me. Or at least I think it was the flu as I've never had it before. All I know is that I got stuck in bed for a few days and I am still recovering now.

So what happens when you are n a hair journey and you get ill? Your routine slowly, but surely fades away.... At least mine did. I tried to keep on M&S every night before bed time, to deep condition and all. But when the worse of the flu hit me so bad that I could not even get to work, my hands were too tired at night. I managed to deep condition once and skipped the weekly protein treatment (or pre-poo now that I think about it!).

No need to say that my hair is, once more, making me pay my lack of attention to it for the last two weeks. It is going to need a lot of TLC in the next few weeks to get back to normal. Added to that the fact that the weather as yet again changed to freezing conditions (yes, two days after Spring, it started snowing again! seriously?!). The super cold weather really doesn't help.

Anywho, I am now 10 weeks post (11 weeks tomorrow)and I think I am close to my limit. I had decided to stop trying to stretch for more than 8 weeks as that is what had led to my bold spot in the past, but my relaxer was due the week I got sick so....and now I will not have the time to do it until next week. Looks like I will have no choice but to reach the 11 weeks post. Just hope I won't have too much damage done when it comes to breakage.

So how have you been ladies? How is your HJ going? I have some serious blog reading to catch up on!!

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