No I didn't!

Just a quick update: I did not relax my hair in the end over the weekend. Which means that in two days I will be 9 weeks post.
Again: so far so good. I have a layer of NG which feels like a sponge on my scalp when wet lol In order to manage them and avoid breakage at the demarcation line though, I had to give up and use my blow dryer once a week after I shampoo and DC.
My hair stays sort of straight for the week (unless I feel like there is too much product build up and I have to co-wash), and I shampoo and blow dry again after 7 days.
It has been working fine for the last two weeks. I shall see how much longer I will stretch for.
I have to admit I am glad this stretch is going well so far as I have a cold :-( I am so tired that wouldn't have managed to relax my hair even if I wanted to.
It seems like my bed and hot tea are more important  than my hair right now (and I do apologise to my hair every day for it lol). It is a very bad time for me to be sick as the weather is soooo bad over here that it is not good for my hair: temperatures are a degree above or below zero most of the time, it has been snowing for the last two days, and the wind is so strong that hats or hoods refuse to stay on my head!
So what about you ladies? How is the weather where you are right now? And what techniques do you use to stretch your relaxers?

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  1. My weather is sooo up and down right now! I go to school in Missouri where over the weekend it was 60 F and back down to 30 F yesterday and today:( I am just getting over a cold and I am finally starting to feel better. The later I am in my stretch more moisture I incorporate in my stretches.