8 weeks post

Today I am officially 8 weeks post relaxer and I can say that so far, my stretch is going well. I have stretched to 8 weeks before of course (as it is the minimum one has to wait between two relaxers), but it normally doesn't go that easy.
Again, for those of you who are from K.I.S.S, and have read my posts on there, you will know that i normally have issues around week 8: my scalp becomes very (and I mean VERY) sensitive. so sensitive that it hurts. But it also starts itching like crazy around that time (which is also how i normally know i have made it to week 8).
I am happy to say that so far I have had no itching at all in my usually itchy part, and have no sensitivity issues either.
My hair has grown for sure, but I do not know how much. I am trying not to measure until my next length check (I prefer it that way). I can feel/see some new growth, but they are more manageable than they would normally be. I would, at that point, start experiencing breakage at my demarcation line, and it would be impossible for me to comb through them. Right now, it is still possible and the breakage is minimal really: not more hair than I normally "break", if I can put it that way.
I tend to think this is because of the vitamins I am taking: my curls pattern is not as coily as it has been. But then, I might be imagining it lol I have also changed my deep conditioner this month so who knows?!
In any case, I cannot relax today as it is mid week, so I do not have time :-) I will see how it goes until the end of the week, but so far, I don't feel like relaxing my hair yet.

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  1. Sounds like you're having a great stretch, I notice every stretch for me seems to get easier and easier. It's like my hair is accustomed to waiting that long. Keep up the great progress!