Protective Styling

First of all, although it has been done many, many times before, let me explain quickly what protective styling is (I might be lucky and you will come across my blog on the start of your journey lol)

Protective styling is basically any hairstyle where your hair is protected and more importantly, your ends. It can be anything, as long as those ends are tucked in: this greatly helps those of you, like me, with shoulder length hair. At that length, the hair tend to rub against your shoulder, which can cause breakage. If your hair is longer, you can still benefit from protective styles of course.

Well, for me protective styling has always been a challenge. It got a bit easier when I reached APL, but I have never really managed to find protective hairstyles that I find suit me and that I feel comfortable wearing. Or that I could actually do! So I tend to bun a lot.

Now that I am back at SL again, the whole protective styling nightmare starts all over again lol
Like I said, bunning is the easiest thing for me and I think I might stick to it for a while. Until I reach APL again.

Today, the sock bun. I am glad I got a small doughnut a few months ago: it is proving very useful now!

Very simple and quick to do. I accessorised it with a headband.
click on the image to enlarge
What are some of the protective styles you use when shoulder length?

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