A good mix

I had to adjust my hair regimen and change the way I do my DC: I now have to do it over night.

On Saturday night, I tried a new mix with some of my products. I wanted to do a protein treatment, but the product I got, ElastaQP Ultra Hydration Deep Conditioner, I didn't really like the texture of it and the effect on my hair afterwards (really dry hair, more than usually after a protein treatment). So I grabbed a few other products to try and stop that drying effect I had after the rinse.

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I applied it, put a plastic cap on, my satin scarf and went to bed. The next day I rinsed it off and already my hair felt really soft and nice. I put some VO5 conditioner on my hair and kept it on for 5 minutes with a plastic cap on, then rinsed.

I sprayed some Aphogee Provitamin Leave-In Conditioner and let my hair air dry. Once it was 90% dry, I applied some moisturiser (ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Moisturiser) and sealed with One n Only Argan Oil. I put my hair in two braids which I will keep overnight until my hair is fully dry.

So far, my hair is still super soft so I am happy with this mix. I shall see how it is once I take the braids down :-)

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