Let's start fresh!

I relaxed my hair on 9th January and realised that my ends were still thinning. What is the point of being almost BSL if you have ugly ends? Erm...none I'd say

I realised that my idea of trimming a tiny amount of my ends at every relaxer (and I wasn't actually really following that as I was scared of losing the tiniest amount of length) was simply a bad one. Postponing that long due trim wasn't gong to help me in achieving those healthy ends I've been trying to have since the beginning of my hair journey.

I blow dried my hair and as it was straight enough, didn't flat iron it. I put it in a low ponytail...and cut! In all it was about 15 centimetres (which is about 6 inches). My sister had to rectify the cut a bit three days later for it to be straight and look better but in all, I am satisfied with the cut.

 click on the image to enlarge
I am now officially back at shoulder length (SL). My ends are nice, healthy (so far) and full! I will just need to get better at documenting my new hair journey and take more pictures. Not easy when your brand new camera breaks and you have to send it back to the shop, huh? I will still try with the old one.


  1. Wow that was a dramatic Chop lol. Two days ago, I had the same feelings about my ends and I cut 3 inches off. Before I couldnt even enjoy Apl, because my ends looked bad. I went from full Apl to full SL. I dont regret, I'm just super excited to achieve my goals with full healthier looking ends.

    1. Yes! I thought it was a bit dramatic too when I heard the scissors cutting but as I had already started lol
      I don't regret it either, and it will grow back...eventually :-)