Two weeks on...

I've been wearing my twists for 2 weeks and was really having doubts about the way it was ageing lol
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The hair texture is getting...I don't know. Just that it feels rough on my skin as the days go by. It feels like it's getting dry (even though it is synthetic hair lol).

So.....the above picture was taken on Friday and on Saturday afternoon....
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Yes! I took them down! It didn't take long at all. Just over an hour I think. The worse part was the washing and detangling! Terrible! Took forever and so much breakage.
Below are my the pics of my hair about 95% air dried, with the amount of hair I've lost in the detangling process. I also had to go out so dressed it up with headband and nail polish lol

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When I came back on Saturday night, I put my DC overnight. Today I washed it off, let my hair air dry and finished with my blow dryer: it tamed my New Growth quite well. So back to my normal routine now I guess lol

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