A little tip

I know I am wearing kinky twists now but that doesn't stop me from sharing experiences I've had just before I put them on (can you say "put them on" for braids? the French in me wonders...) I saw this video on YouTube a couple of years ago. I can't remember how I ended up watching this. You know? Like when you start looking for something specific and you end up watching videos of funny little cats doing silly things? (I know you've all done it at least once...probably more!)
Back to the video though: in this video, this girl explains how to refresh flat ironed hair after a workout and towards the end ( from 5:35) she shows how she uses baby powder to remove excess oil from her hair.

I can confirm that it works! I had pre-pooed overnight with Amla oil and although I rinsed it out, when my hair was completely dry, it was still oily. That's when I remembered this video. Now, I do not have a baby but as I use baby powder for my jewellery making, I had a bottle handy. I put it in my hands (NOT directly on my hair as advised in the video), and then in my hair. Afterwards I brushed my hair to get rid off the powder. I repeated this three times and indeed, the hair was not as oily as it was. Of course, all the oil wasn't gone, but most of it did. It did the job until the next wash :-)

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