A little hi!

I know I haven't posted anything for a little while so I thought I'd give a little update on what's been going on with me.
I mentioned a few weeks ago (when I put my hair into kinky twists) that I was starting a job...well that's the reason why I haven't posted lol
This job is quite far and I had to commute for hours (and I do mean HOURS) to get there. By the time I make it back home in the evening, I'm so exhausted that I just jump in the shower, eat and usually fall asleep as soon as I make it on my bed. I do kid you not, I literally fall asleep on my laptop each time I turn it on and try to do anything :-p
The job is going OK so far and although it is just for a few months, I hope it will lead to other stuff there or in another company.

Now when it comes to my hair.....I am 11 weeks post right now and I cannot say that this stretch is going well or bad as a matter of fact. I have a certain amount of new growth which I haven't measured. It seems quite "long" when stretched but I have a lot of shrinkage so I mainly have that sort of sponge feeling when touching my hair. I still really enjoy (like each time I stretch a relaxer) running my fingers through it and feel my curls.
I promised myself I would never stretch for more than 8-9 weeks as that's when I can't manage the NG anymore but this time it has been a bit different: I think I'm paying more attention to how my hair feels. I've read more material on natural hair too so that I could manage the NG easily. 
The fact that natural hair is easier to manipulate while wet, when relaxed hair needs to be manipulated when dry is so difficult for me! Wash day is close to a nightmare lol

Anywho, my hair still feels weak so I won't relax it yet. I guess I'm gonna have to learn more about my natural hair texture and how to care for it until relaxer day.

I need to try to post regularly again as I have loads of things to post about, but my body just won't stay awake long enough to do it.
In the meantime, I hope that those who've been reading my blog are all fine and I will be back very soon with more posts. Thanks again for reading me ladies!


  1. Girl I understand what you mean by busy! But I'm sure we'll hear from you soon. Good luck with the job!!

  2. Thanks! I still take the time to read you and see that you are quite busy too at the moment indeed :-)