12 weeks post

I have reached that number once before and it was a disaster (yes, yes the huge whole in my scalp! need to post an update on that at some point lol). This time is has been let's say...challenging. Some days I have enjoyed it, some others I felt like relaxing everything. BUT my hair still feels weak and dry and it breaks so I am way too scared to go ahead with it.
I have told you several times that I enjoy touching my curls when it grows but I had never taken a picture of it to take a proper look at it. Now it is done!
Click on image to enlarge
From what I can see, I think my hair type is 4C. I have noticed that I have a curl pattern that is a bit looser at the back of my head but it is mainly 4C though. Now...I don't want to go and say that I am disappointed with that news (I can already hear the "pro natural" ones being outraged at my comment) but because I absolutely cannot remember what my natural hair look like, I had hoped that my hair would have a curl pattern a bit looser than 4C. Simply because I am finding looking after my relaxed hair difficult enough, so tiny coils.....
But again, I find these so cute! A nightmare with the shrinkage and even worse when trying to detangle, but cute. I think right now it is because of the two textures together and the fact that I am still learning how to deal with both of them at once.
I don't know how long it will take me to get some moisture back in my hair so that I can relax again. The thing is...am I actually doing more harm than good by waiting as my hair is also breaking at the demarcation mark too. One half of my head is full and seems somewhat moisturised, the other half is so seen and dry it is ridiculous!
I can't believe how gorgeous my hair was after I cut it and the state it is in now. I am experiencing my second major setback in almost 3 years on my Hair Journey....


  1. I would say do a protein treatment followed by a moisturizing deepconditioner. That way you can get your hair back strong enough to relax, say next week?

    1. hey you! how is it going? I was considering doing that: my last heavy protein treatment (Aphogee) was 24 days ago so just under 4 weeks now. I know you are supposed to do it every 6 weeks but I think in my case, I would probably need to do it before that.