The Baggy Method

As promised on Tuesday, here is a post explaining what the Baggy method is.
The idea of the Baggy method is to help locking in the moisture you "bring" to your hair. It is very easy to do but the results, of course, vary from head to head: it works and does wonders for some, but can be a nightmare for others. Like every products or methods out there :-)
To use the baggy method you will need the following:
  • your favourite moisturiser/conditioner
  • an oil of your choice to seal that moisturiser/conditioner (EVOO, Castor oil, Coconut oil...)
  • a plastic bag/cap
  • hair band
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First, you wet your hair with the water (doesn't have to be soaking wet, just damp hair is enough).
Second, you apply your moisturiser/conditioner to your hair.
Third, you seal the moisturiser/conditioner with the oil.
Fourth, you cover the hair with the plastic bag/cap and keep it in place with the hair band.
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And you are done! All you have to do is to cover your head with your usual satin scarf/bonnet and go to bed. The next morning, remove the plastic bag/cap and let your hair air dry (as it will be damp from the moisture overnight).
Note that you can use this method on your ends only or on your entire head. The only difference is that for your ends, you put your hair in a bun put the plastic bag/cap on that but only.
Depending on how heavy you are with the oil, you won't want to do this every night as the build up will be important. If you want to use it each night, you might want to consider co-washing your hair the next day. Although it is not good to keep your hair wet all the time.
This method is quite helpful in order to retain length as it helps keep your ends moisturised, therefore, they will be less likely to break. I try to use it at least 3 times a week. Sometimes I do it more, sometimes less. I stay careful in order to have a moisture overload.
Do you use the Baggy Method? What results did you get?


  1. You've got me pondering the baggy method now. I've seen it all over the the hair boards but never thought to actually try it. I'm sure it won't hurt to do a few times a week. Thanks for the post!

  2. i've never tried the baggy method, but if it works for snoop, it can work for me ;)